Welcome to MOMYS Blog Village!

What a great place to put your Blog!  If you’d like to have your own MOMYS Blog, send an email to momys@momys.com with the blog name you’d like and we’ll get you set up and give you an address in the MOMYS Blog Village!

So many of us have blogs!  Our blogs are where we can record the important things in our lives, where we can journal our thoughts and our feelings, where we can share photos of our precious families and write words of encouragement to a sister and give glory to God for His mighty works.

Your blog can be anything you want it to be.  Record your meal plans and favorite recipes.  Compare thoughts about homemaking, parenting, families, and your daily walk.  It could be that what you write might be just the inspiration that another MOMYS needs today! 

You can have your own blog here at MOMYS, and it is up to you if it is open for the world to read, or if you prefer to restrict viewership.   Just send the name of the blog that you’d like to momys@momys.com and we’ll have you up and blogging in no time!

This is a brand new element to the MOMYS networking connections.  We hope it is a blessing to your families.