Serenity, now!

I use my kids middle names. A lot. When we chose names, we chose ones that I love. So now, more often than not, my kids hear both their first and middle names. Some more than others, but they all hear them some.

Eden is very, very rarely just Eden. It’s Eden Rayne.

Sterling hears Sterling Blaine at least half of the time.

Pierce is usually Pierce. I called him Pierce Allan the other day for the first time and two kids giggled and said they’d forgotten what his middle name even was. We’re working on that one. He’s got a name to live up to, after all.

Charlotte? She doesn’t hear hers so often. I love the meaning of her name, but Charlotte Serenity doesn’t flow off the tongue quite so well. It’s a big name for a little girl.

But, when I’m upset… you can bet that all of them will hear their middle names. I’m not sure why, since I have no recollection of hearing my middle name as a kid, ever. (It’s Rachele by the way.) But again, back to Charlotte. Just try yelling “Serenity!” in an outside hollering not-so-happy voice and let me know what you think.

Exactly. Something about hollering a peaceful word with less than peaceful thoughts just clashes in my brain and makes me giggle.

At least, until I glance back to the latest disaster she’s made and then all giggles are aside. Until next time, at least.

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