What a week.

We live next to a cave. No, not in a cave. Next to one. Close enough that we can walk to it and get there before Charlie gets tired. Close enough that we get to do the touristy thing and go through it, whenever we want, for free. Ah, the perks of this little house we live in. Thursday, we took friends with us. Fun was had by all, there were 12 kids between their family and ours, and no one cried, not even once. I’m calling that successful.

(Less successful than my clothesline full of clothes at the moment. It’s raining.)

Wednesday we saw the same family at the park. Friday we met at the fountains in town. Yesterday we went to a birthday at their house. Today we’ll see them at church. Tomorrow, we’ll lay low before they get completely sick of us.

Last night, a friend from church invited us to spend the evening on his boat. Oh my. The kids won’t forget that anytime soon. The older four all got to go on the tube, (Ruby sang “Pop! Goes the Weasel the entire time she was riding on the tube. When she stopped for a moment, I asked her why and she said, “I’m still having fun. It’s just not time for singing right now.” Alrighty then.) and we swam for a while. More like me trying to keep four children, all in life jackets, from drowning. Ridiculously hard. Swimming lessons are in order.) That was interesting. Anyhow, the boat ride was a hit with all of them. Charlotte fell asleep to the wind in her face and Pierce thought that the speed was the best thing he’d ever experienced. You know, other than milk.

Friday we leave for vacation. Camping in South Dakota, both east river and west, for about 10 days is our plan. If anyone cares to pack, plan meals, or grocery shop for me this week, you’re nuts. Dreading it. We slept in the tent Friday night for a trial run. It was fabulous. The air mattress has a hole in it, Missouri ground is hard as a rock – or is a rock, whichever you prefer. We’re borrowing another for the trip. I’d never get up after that many days on the ground.

Time to bake the bacon (Ever tried that? So easy, so good.) Company’s coming for lunch, we’re having baked potatoes with all the fixings, and my husband mopped every floor in this house yesterday for the occasion. The kitchen wasn’t even dry before milk was spilled on it. Awesome.

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