Future Olympian?

The faint strains of the Olympic theme song play in the background as my daughter steps up on the block to shatter the world swimming record and take the gold…OK, it was really only an Invitational, but it was still a proud mom moment for me.  Her relay team has been so amazing this season.  They just took home 2 first place medals (one for the freestyle relay and one for the medley relay) plus they broke the club record for their time.  Actually, I am so proud of her no matter what place she comes in because I know she tries so hard.  She practices 4 hours a day.  Since she started swimming when she was 10 our “motto” has been “Do your best and leave the rest up to God” (from the movie “Facing the Giants”).  My hope for her is that she will take that into all of life.  It’s not about the glory, it’s about doing your best for God every day.  Now that’s much better than an Olympic gold!


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