The Eagle Has Landed!

I had a very proud “mom moment” yesterday.  My son had his Eagle Board of review and passed.  He is now officially an Eagle Scout!  Whew!  It was a very long journey to get there and I think I sprouted a few more grey hairs in the process, but it was all worth it.  He is so happy and I couldn’t be prouder!

Mom’s Taxi

I’ve got them coming and I’ve got them going.  Mom’s taxi really gets a workout some days–I’m sure you can all relate.  There are days that I think I should just paint the van yellow and put the words “Taxi” on the side.  I could make a killing on the fares (that is if my children could afford to pay which they can’t).  Oh well.  Actually as families go our children probably don’t have as many outside activities each as smaller families do.  I know other families with one or two children where each child has 5 or 6 activities.  We make our children choose activities that they really are interested in rather than just do activities for activities sake.  One participates in theater and takes Chinese, two are Boy Scouts, one is on a swim team, three take piano lessons, several younger ones are active in church clubs.  We also do homeschool co-op during the school year.  Sometimes I think we do more homeschooling in the car than we do in the home.  “Sigh”.  But then again, I wouldn’t trade the time spent with my children for anything in the world (even if they can’t afford the taxi fare).