Summer Life

I love summer! Not my favorite season because of the heat but I love how busy it is and the fun we can have as a family. My children love to play outside and grub in the mud. I love going on vacation and the family cookouts. I also enjoy iced coffee and going on evening walks with my husband and children. Yes, summer is truly a happy time for us as a family!

I tried uploading some pictures of our summer so far but all of the pictures were too large to use 🙁



Hi! I’m Hannah, a SAHM to three beautiful little children. W (boy) is 4, B (boy) is 2, and A (girl) is 8 months. I love being a mother!!

I am new at blogging – tried to start a blog a couple of years ago and failed miserably. I am now trying to start again! Hopefully this effort will be better than the last 🙂