If your educational spark has fizzled out lately or things have become a bit boring, come with us
to Williamsburg for an adventurous family educational immersion into Colonial history and societal life!

Third Week in March 2021

$1295 per family – inclusive!

Stay on another week for only $795!

Where We’ll Be

Toss up a huzzah at the comfortable, hospitable resort in the rich and historical community of Williamsburg Virginia as we explore the dynamics of finding independence, strength in community, and inspired courage, all while immersing ourselves in a wealth of American and Biblical history.

Colonial Williamsburg is America’s best-known living-history museum. The area served as the capital of Virginia, England’s oldest, largest, most populous, and richest colony from 1699 to 1776.

Each family stays in their own apartment-style condo, complete with the conveniences of washer, dryer, and a full kitchen – with several grocery stores nearby.

So many FANTASTIC memories!
Kathryn Wilson
Our family of 11 consider the MOMYS Retreats (especially to Williamsburg) our favorite vacation of all time. Momys retreats are so encouraging, fun for all and great relationship builders. Even our autistic son enjoys it and is included in the activities. And now we have another generation starting the tradition with her own family.
Heather Mallory
Williamsburg retreats hold special memories for each one of my ten kids. It is a totally unique experience – one which you can tailor to your families’ interests. You will not lack for things to do – and if I could give you one word of advice for “newbies” it would be not to overschedule yourselves. The fellowship is a huge part of the fun! You won’t be disappointed!
Jennie Hebert
Colonial Williamsburg has been an amazing experience for me from the age of fifteen to now bringing my own little girl to this year’s MOMYS retreat. I love all of the friends I have made through the years and the history that Pete teaches during his tours. Not to mention the AMAZING family atmosphere among the families, it’s like a giant family reunion every year!
Samantha Shepherd
This has been some of the best experiences of my childrens’ lives.. We’ve been making memories at Williamsburg since 2002!
Amanda Friedl

Registration Options:

A weekly guest fee of $250 applies for non-family and adult children over age 22.